New blog

Well, sooner as I expected.
You can find my new blog here:


Everybody´s welcome



New start, new blog...

Somehow come, that I miss this blog. The english blog. I have Tumblr, but it´s just not the same. Tumblr is for pictures and photos...I don´t really take it like a real blog.
I decided to make youtube videos. In my language of course. But...maybe I try it in english too. That will be awkward and embarrasing, but why not? Could be fun. :D
So, that´s one of the reasons why I will return on blogspot - practising and learning english. So the only thing that remains will the accent. Oh, be prepared for my horrible english :D

The new blog isn´t ready yet, but I will post link soon. :)
I hope it will last longer, that this :)

Me and my boyfriend...yes, on a cemetery :D