I couldn´t be more stupid

I had an exam on Tuesday...or maybe I should say, I thought I had an exam on Tuesday. All of previous dates were tuesdays, so I didn´t looked at the next date properly.
I came to school. About an half hour was I sitting there...alone...
Nobody came...I looked at my phone and saw the date: 21.06.2011.
The exam was over...on Monday...The last date...And I didn´t come.
How stupid I am!
And now...I don´t have enough credits for the next year...my last chance is german history on Monday, but it´s just too many themes and I just can´t remember it all in such a short time.
When my mother discovers it, I´m dead. Or homeless...Don´t really know which scenario whould be better.

The worst is, I learned all days and nights, and didn´t even look at the german history...and now...


Daily Outfit:

I think, there won´t be any normal posts this and the next week...gosh, I´m so busy...I hate it. I want my carefree  childhood times baaaaaack...

But, sadly, we can´t turn the time back, so maybe I just should look forward.
This was my outfit for exam from Philosophy and Ethics this Tuesday. I hate exams mostly because we should dress formally and decently. But...I don´t really know..for me everything is formall when you take off the spikes, chains, ripped stocking and boots :D:D

The top is from Vive Maria (okej, it´s from Second Hand.. :D) and the skirt is from my mother. And I just had to take the gloves..I love them..and I just had to had something that typical for me :D
BTW..I didn´t made the exam...maybe because I didn´t really felt like myself..dunno. Next Tuesday is the last chance :D


Some photos..again

My and my narcistic self again :D

SH - Gallery

And, here are some older drawing od my Shadow Hunters characters :D

Ryuu - my main character.
Ryuu at age 13.
in Kimono

Tears for Japan
Her twin brother Ryo..at age 13.

Shirasagi sisters

And Kuroe...Her name before was Rei but I changed it. 
She´s a model :D

And Midori as a child, gosh, she was so cute :D And now she´s Ryuu´s rival :D 

Shadow Hunters

A month ago I added a link for the first experimental chapter of my manga. (you can find it here, but its only in slovak yet [link] ).
Since the day I discovered these japanese comics I wanted to draw something on my own :D Yes, it would be great to be a famous slovak mangaka :D :D
Okej, the daydreaming is now over :D

I have till now colored 10 character, mostly just the secondary one. So, here they are:


Weekly outfit

Gosh, english will kill me someday. I have so many ideas for a normal article, but I just can´t write it without searchig for almost every word in a dictionary :D It sucks :D
But on the other site, this is the main reason why I have this blog...to learn :D

So, till I finish some article, here are two outfits I had this last days.

On Saturday we had JHS (Japan Human Statue) - it´s some sort of japan fashion presentation we make about four times a year. But the weather was horrible, so we decidet to repeat it again in Juni.
I was something like punk lolita meets visual kei..or something like that :D I wasn´t really participating, I just like the outfit. :D  I don´t have problem going out like that anytime, so it´s not really a costume for me :D

Oh, is someone will see the other photos:, you will find them here