Daily Outfit

Yesterday: minimum black. 
I hate the stupid saying, that goths can wear only black...Ok, I wear black almost all the time, but even I have days, when I just don´t have the mood for black. I really think, that people who say, that I´m not a goth dressing like this, are just stupid :D (its the same as saying that a punk is not a punk without a mohawk :D)

Saying goodbye and psychiatry...

Ok, I´m not leaving to psychiatry :D

It was a great day, even, when one of my friends decided to end her studies here in Košice and go back to Bratislava. But we had a nice time together yesterday, and she will come to visit in Juni.

Somehow I wish I would have money and could go to Bratislava :D For a visit of course...I have there many friends that I would like to meet someday. :)
And of course, there are some goth events :D

Yesterday I also saw some videos (there was an exposition in our city) about psychiatry. Somehow disturbing, but even when I don´t believed all what was said (I never believe 100% what media says), it was very interesting. It was nothing that really shocked or surprised me. I never believed in psychiatry (they would like to get me too...come on, SPD? I don´t think there´s something wrong being a loner with my own world and not showing much interest in developing close relationships...And depression? I survived...without some medical drugs).
If you want to see it too, search for Psychiatry: An Industry of Death (there are online videos on youtube, and some downloading options on other sites) and build your own opinion.


My little (evil) Teddy

I always loved plush toys. They are so fluffy and cute. :D
Some years ago I became an old Teddy bear. He was cute, but, somehow..boring.
So I mobilized all my creative powers and this is how he looks now.
This was my first thing I have modified :)


Daily outfit + some new photos

Today the weather was a way hotter, than I thought it would be.
I chosed this outfit, because I wanted to go and take some photos. The photographer was, as always, my  friend Gabi. We really had very much fun :)


New Photos

I barely go out when I don´t have to, especially, when the exams are so close. But on Friday I just didn´t want to learn all the time.
So my friend Gabi came with me in a small forest near the street where I live.
It was fun. I really love spending time with Gabi, she really is a great friend and a nice person :)

Here are some of the photos:



Goths in Slovakia

Slovakia is the country where I live. Many people don´t even know about this little country, and many people mistake it for Slovenia.
This year the Ice Hockey Championship were here, so hopefully, people will know about our existence :D

But I don´t want to talk about hockey, but about goth subculture here.
I would say, that the only goth scene is in our capital city- Bratislava. There are regularly Batcave Parties, and some other events too.
There have there even some goth and alternative shops. And of course, there are more goths.
But unfortunately I´m not that lucky, and I live at the other end of Slovakia - Košice (Cassovia in latin...I like this word :D).
We may be the second biggest town, but we still are nothing compared to Bratislava.
And a goth scene here? Not really.
We don´t have clubs, we don´t really have events or concerts, we don´t have shops...and to be honest...I saw here just maybe two goths...and one of them is me. :D
Ok, there were some industrial concerts (or something like that) - Skinny Puppy, Laibach or The Young Gods, but that´s not really my favourite music genre.
I remember, that last year our slovak band The Last Days of Jesus had to play in Košice, but the concert was canceled. And I was looking forward so much...
Somehow it sucks. I´m just a student, without job and I don´t have enough money to travel to events.

Maybe the slovakia goth scene is small, but still we have some great goth and goth-friendly bands:
- The Last Days of Jesus
- Hysteric Helen
- Ľahká múza
- Street Spirit

In summer 2008 started I a Slovak Goth Community Forum and was surprised how many members registred.
I think, it was a very good idea. :)


Daily outfit

Yesterday and today I was wearing almost the same outfit. But adding some accessory, and I have a completely new outfit.
I love this new red fishnet.
And I love this black-red combination :D

I really love fans. It´s the best invention in the world. I  somehow don´t understad why people look so confused, when I´m using a fan (don´t know how to say it :D), it´s so comfortable, especially in buses. :D Maybe they´re just jelaous :D



My lovely fan


Since I was a little kid I always wanted a pet. I had a hamster, but...they just don´t live very long.
When I was 12, by neighbour friend brought home a little dog. So sweet, a little white shag. So my mother finally permited me to have a dog.
I wanted a black one (there were three puppies, and one was all black...), but sadly he died, so I became the last white one.
I named him Denny.
I wonder how old will he be. It´s nine years now. I know, that dogs live so around 10-15 years, and always when I think about it, my eyes get wet.
Ok, sometimes I scream at him (I´m stressed...there´s no help...the university sucks), but I can´t imagine what am I doing to do, when he dies. :(

Ok, I have to stop this pessimistic thinking. He´s still alive right now :)

Here are some photos.

There are lots of funny moments with him :D
And some funny photos too:
Zombie dog :D

You can find all of his photos HERE



I love japan styles like visual kei or lolita, but somehow it sucks, that so many people think, that this is the Japan version of goth.
They actually have a goth and deathrock scene, although it´s not so popular as j-rock, visual kei...

Some of my favourite goth bands are from Japan:
13th Moon
Neurotic Doll

and so on...

So...people out there...gothic lolita and visual kei is not the japan answer on european goth scene :p



Shadow Hunters

So...I finished the first chapter of my manga...but I´m not satisfied. I decided to draw it again after exams. I have a better style now, so it should go faster. And  I think, that I will write the text in english. In slovak it sounds strange :D So I consider this more as an experiment.
Here´s the cover.

You can find the rest of this first experimental chapter [here]. It´s in slovak, but there isn´t much to read :D I´m not very good at writing dialogs :D


Daily Outfit

Last year I started to post some outfit photos on my other blog. So why not share some of them here too? :D
Yesterday I wore a long skirt. It was first time this year...I don´t even know why I stopped...I love long skirts :D

Few days ago was my outfit inspired by punk lolita. I really love loli style, but I love my style even more. :D
There were two other ouftits slightly inspired by lolita and japan fashion
 This is one of my favourite...The t-shirt was modified by me, maybe that´s the reason, why I love it :D

And..when it´s windy I mostly wear trousers...I did modify them a little bit too. :)

Goths just wanna have fun...

...or The Gothic Monkey :D

Out there are some people who really think, that goths never smile, or that they don´t know how to have fun.
Or course, there may be some depressed goths, but still...all of the goths I know, are just people who love to have fun. And me too.
I even can make fun of myself. if you fall in high heels and a long skirt...why cry? It it funny, even if it´s me. :D

I may look like a depressed little kid on first sight,  but I love to laugh :D


Who said goth girls can´t wear pants?

Few weeks ago I found a comment on my photo.
One girl wrote, that there´s no way I could be a goth, because I don´t wear long skirts and corsets. And I even have short hair.
That goth girl don´t wear pants, and that I´m most likely just an emo.

Oh my goth!
I just had to laugh.
Interesting to know, that after about five years in the scene I´m not a goth, just a poser or emo, because I wear pants and have short hair. And I stupid always thought, that the music was importat. Lol. :D

Really...who is she, telling ME how a goth must dress?

Some people are just funny. :D


My Portfolio

When I was a little kid, I wasn´t very satisfied with myself.
I was an ugly duckling...That was what my schoolmates made me to think.
But later I started to like myself. And people around me changed their minds.
I started with some selfportraits, firsly just from boredom. When i uploaded them on my blog, i did got a lot of compliments. And this is how it began.
Of course, maybe I´m not a beauty queen, and my photos aren´t that great, but I like myself, and that it the point.
Now I have lots of photos, I had som shooings as well...I like it :D
You can see some of my photos here:
Chloë Noir