Goths are tolerant. Many of them. But still.... We all are just people, and some people just aren´t tolerant.

I don´t like people who always complain, about how intolerant other people are to them and how they make fun of them, and then comes out, that they aren´t any better.

If you can´t be tolerant towards other, how can you call for other people to be tolerant towards you? 


The Goth Challenge! Days 6 and 7

Day 6 – Hand write your favourite lyric and take a picture.

Oh...i don´t have my camera now, so I will add this later. But it´s hard to choose. I have so many favourite lyrics and songs.
But...the one, that I remember always is Silent Hedges from Bauhaus.


Day 7 – Ten of your favourite goth bands.

Only ten? :D I could write down at least four-page list of my favourite bands :D  But ok. Here are ten of my favourite goth bands:

The Last Days of Jesus
45 Grave
The Cruxshadows
Frank the Baptist
Scary Bitches
Zombina and the Skeletones
Faith and the Muse
Switchblade Symphony


Photos: Animalia - Insects and other little ones

I like insects..on photos. I´m not from those, who would start screaming and yelling when the see a fly or spider, but I don´t like them around me and in my home. I like taking photos of them, but it they come too close (especially the spiders) I will become a murderer :D
Insects I´m scared the most from are wasps and hornets and everything from the Vespinae subfamily.

It was such a shock. I wanted to move thar rose a little bit and there was..THAT thing...i almost yelled :D
Bug porn :D :D
A beautiful butterfly on an empty cemetery. It made me smile :)
Gosh...he was so big...and my hands were shaking, that I almost let my camera fall :D

Spider Web
I´m scared of spiders, when they come too close, but somehow I love spiderwebs.
But actually, it´s pretty hard to make a photo of them. My camera sometime just won´t and won´t focus. I once took 20 photos and all of them were blurry. And it was such a beautiful spiderweb :(

This is one of my best pictures, I think. :)

Snail Houses
I used to have a collection of snail houses, but after I found some insects there I throw them all out...and decided to make another collection - snail house photos :D

Outfit post

I wasn´t going out too much, this summer (I don´t like hot weather...and sun...), so I don´t have many new outfits :D
You can see the most outfit photos here.

And so, here are two more.

This is from yesterday. I love fishnet and ripped stocking :D
And i love charity shops ( almost all is from a charity shop...:D )

And this one is from saturday:

And i finally have a spiked collar. I always wanted one, but the one, that brother bought me, was too big and brown...
So Thursday I found a thin belt and changed the rivets with spikes :D 
And I will have even one more collar, with round rivets.

The Goth Challenge! Day 5 - Local bands

So, I will continue now with the challenge :D
I was somehow busy these days and I had a shooting yesterday, so I´m happy :D

Is there a local Goth band or group in your area?
A band? Not really. I mean, not around where I live.
But there are some great bands in Slovakia.
I should mention The Last Days of Jesus. They are our pride :D They played at WGT, too. 

Then Hysteric Helen is a great band. I love their music. 

And Ľahká Múza has an very interesting sound.

Then maybe The Stranger´s Diary and Street Spirit are good bands, too.
And there are more industrial bands, but that´s not really what I listen to :D


Photos: Cemetery

Yeah...it´s a stereotype...But still. I love cemeteries.
It´s mostly quiet and calm.
I used to go to forests when I needen a while just for myself, but nowdays, it just isn´t safe. There are lot of homeless, gypsies and junkies even in bright day.
The cemetery is more safe, but I don´t I would dare go there in night...I don´t fear ghosts (even when I believe in them), I fear people more...

I like the jewish cemeteries the best. There are simple, but they have a great atmospehere...our public cemetery is full of kitscher plastic flowers and it looks so...trashy...
I don´t really feel the heart in it. The nicest "decoration" that I have ever seen on a grave was a heart made from chestnuts with a single candle in the middle. You could feel, that this was made from a deep of heart.
(sadly, my camera had dead battery, when I found it...)

This was the fence between our public cemetery and the jewish one. I like this photo a lot.

Lanterns..I love them. I have so many photos of them :D And at cemeteries are the most beautiful :)

Like a small castle. :D