A little bit of Halloween

I finally started to draw again after a long, loooong time. And i decidet to draw something Halloween themed...And I´m satisfied :D 
Somehow I was in a realy good mood so all of them came out so cute :D :D 


Photos - Mix part 2

These are some newer photos and some of my favourites :)


Outfit post

Sooo..here are some outfits again :D

Winter goth, hehe :D 




Photos - Mix part 1

A gift from a friend. I don´t wear it, just occasionally, but I have to admit...some of the ideas of LaVeys satanism are near to me :)
Heh...this was when I cut my hair of. I had a really long hair and then, one night (yeah..night...:D) I just cut it down :D

These were some of the older photos. 


Photos - Sky

I have a great view on Košice from my window. At New Year it´s amazing...All the firework like right on my hand.
And I always can watch the sun going down...and take photos of course :D


Photos - Barb wire

Listen with your heart

I love music. There´s not a single day when I´m not listening to lovely tones.
Goth music, punk, metal, rock, j-rock, ambient and so on...I just love it...
Music is with for us so many ages, she changed together with people.
It´s a way of communication, by which you don´t have to know the language to understand it. If you open your heart you can understand it even without words.
The more I listen, the more I wonder...
Many of these modern pop, dance and other mainstream songs are somehow...empty...
I mostly feel nothing when I listen to them and even the lyrics...
Many of the lyrics (and even video clips) are even abusive (mostly to women)...I really hate that...
It´s so sad, that today such a beautiful art like music turned to just a business...
That´s why I don´t like so many of mainstream music...It´s not art anymore...



I´m studying German and besides Japanese, it´s my favourite language.
I startet do learn it with the help of television, especially anime on RTL2. Year after that I started to have german lessons at school, but I already knew enough, to be almost equal with those scholars, who learned it from the first class.
Now I understand german perfectly, I watch mostly just german stations, but I still have some problems with speaking :D
But...what I like the most is writing simple poems..in german of course :D
Girls  in my class couldn´t believe it and looked at me like I´m and alien :D

So, here are some of my works...
It´s nothing special, I´m not very good in writing poems even in my mother language, but it´s great way how to kill time at boring lectures at school :D


Sie war ein Kind aus Sünde geboren
Von Anfang verflucht und verloren
Nie hat sie gelernt zu leben und zu lieben
So lange in der Dunkelheit geblieben

Sie ging weiter nur um das Licht zu sehen
Doch sie senkte den Blick und blieb stehen
Da war kein Ausgang kein Weg raus
Stern der Hoffnung löschte sich aus

Allein und vergessen im Kreis gegangen
Ein Mädchen für immer in Schatten gefangen


Autumn is here!

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. Not just because of Halloween, but because of all the colors. And because it´s not so hot anymore :D
But somehow...the last years were different. The weather jumped from sommer to winter, from winter to sommer...but where the hell are autumn and spring?
But...a few days were really nice, it wasn´t hot, but I could  take off my coat without turning to icicle, so we used it to make some new photos :D