That´s how some people think about goths.
For them, the only intention about what we´re wearing is to get attention.

But what about the option: "because we like the clothes"? Because that´s why most of the goths dress the part!
Other people wear pink miniskirts, blond hair, and other stuff...and why? Because they like it.
So why can´t we wear what we like?

To be honest, I somehow like the attention...when I´m in good mood. It can be fun :D
But that´s not the reason why I dress how I dress and it never was. I feel good and myself in my clothes, it suits me and makes me happy.
When I was younger I really wanted to be rather invisible, but I have got used to the attention. I had to, when I wanted to be what I like.
And still there are times, when I would be happier without all the glare. But I´m not going to change just because that.
I am who I am...and I´m proud of that. :)


  1. You are right, the attention feels good at times. :) But mostly, goth people dress the way they do as a means of self-expression - and always because they enjoy wearing what the do.

    P.S.: There's an award for you in my blog. :)

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