Weekly outfit

Gosh, english will kill me someday. I have so many ideas for a normal article, but I just can´t write it without searchig for almost every word in a dictionary :D It sucks :D
But on the other site, this is the main reason why I have this blog...to learn :D

So, till I finish some article, here are two outfits I had this last days.

On Saturday we had JHS (Japan Human Statue) - it´s some sort of japan fashion presentation we make about four times a year. But the weather was horrible, so we decidet to repeat it again in Juni.
I was something like punk lolita meets visual kei..or something like that :D I wasn´t really participating, I just like the outfit. :D  I don´t have problem going out like that anytime, so it´s not really a costume for me :D

Oh, is someone will see the other photos:, you will find them here

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