I couldn´t be more stupid

I had an exam on Tuesday...or maybe I should say, I thought I had an exam on Tuesday. All of previous dates were tuesdays, so I didn´t looked at the next date properly.
I came to school. About an half hour was I sitting there...alone...
Nobody came...I looked at my phone and saw the date: 21.06.2011.
The exam was over...on Monday...The last date...And I didn´t come.
How stupid I am!
And now...I don´t have enough credits for the next year...my last chance is german history on Monday, but it´s just too many themes and I just can´t remember it all in such a short time.
When my mother discovers it, I´m dead. Or homeless...Don´t really know which scenario whould be better.

The worst is, I learned all days and nights, and didn´t even look at the german history...and now...

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  1. Oh no, how terrible!
    How was the exam today? Was it manageable?
    What was it about?