Daily Outfit:

I think, there won´t be any normal posts this and the next week...gosh, I´m so busy...I hate it. I want my carefree  childhood times baaaaaack...

But, sadly, we can´t turn the time back, so maybe I just should look forward.
This was my outfit for exam from Philosophy and Ethics this Tuesday. I hate exams mostly because we should dress formally and decently. But...I don´t really know..for me everything is formall when you take off the spikes, chains, ripped stocking and boots :D:D

The top is from Vive Maria (okej, it´s from Second Hand.. :D) and the skirt is from my mother. And I just had to take the gloves..I love them..and I just had to had something that typical for me :D
BTW..I didn´t made the exam...maybe because I didn´t really felt like myself..dunno. Next Tuesday is the last chance :D

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