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 I love cats. They can be so elegant and cute at the same time. But my mother didn´t want to have a cat. And they are too independent for me...I like commanding someone, so a dog is a better choise for me :D

I like giving names to cats, when I spend a while with them, even when I know, that maybe I will never see them again.

So, this one is Yoruichi, the cat that lives in the our city with a pack of few other cats. I think that it´s a female cat, but I´m not sure (they don´t really let anyone even stroke them :D ).
Why Yoruichi? Because somehow she reminds me of Yoruichi from Bleach (I mean in her cat form :D )

A black cat sitting on a Christ Childs head? This definitely made my day :D

A cat or a shadow? :D

This one is Sebastian (anyone who watched Kuroshitsuji? :D I absolutely share Sebastians love for cats :D )
I´m sure, he was a male cat, because I played almost all the day with him.
I found him when I was going home from shopping. He was so cute and he loved to be stroked.
He looks somehow like Yoruichi, but was much bigger.
I would take him home immediately, but I have a dog and he don´t really like cats.
After that day, I never saw him again, but I hope, that he´d fine :)

Heh, he didn´t want to be a model :D
He somehow looks so sad here.

This is Yoru.
I found her near my school and brought her some food. She was there for a few days and we always playd a little.
The photos are made just with my mobil phone, but they are still very precious.
I didn´t come to school for couple of days and I never found her again. All thats left are photos and memories. 

Such and evil glare. :D

And here are some other cats :D 

One of my friends tomcats
And the other one :) they are both so cute :)

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