The Goth Challenge! Days 8 and 9

Day 8 – What's your worst and best experience with non-Goths?

I don´t really have some worst or best experiences. The bad ones are just bad. If someone makes fun of you, calling you an emo, freak or so...Or when someone speaks to you like you´re a whore or something...it always hurt. But try not to mind it. I´m satisfied with myself and thats all what counts.
And about the best one...It´s always nice when a non-goth likes my style. Some of older ladies (for example my grandmother´s friends) did tell me, that I look very nice. Once even a lady in a charity shop..she asked me about my opinion at one skirt that she wanted to buy and told me, that I look really pretty.
I´m a girl on the first place, so I love compliments :D
I once had a white ripped nylons on black pantyhose (winter time :D...and it looked like spider web) and one of my classmates told me, that she really likes it. She´s not into alternative styles, more that type of - always fashionable chick, so it surprised me. And it was nice.

Day 9 – What genre of music do you dislike?

Hmmm...hard to say. I´m not really into hip-hop/rap...there are just a few of them, that I like...Eminem, Fettes Brott...and some songs like All 4 One from Kool Savas & Azad.
I don´t like hip-hop song, that have stupid ...or better said - empty lyrics.
And slovak folksongs (or how to say it...)...nooooo....I can´t hear it :D
But...in many genres I can find at least  one band or song that I like, so except the slovak folksong, I don´t REALLY dislike some music genre.

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