The Goth Challenge! Day 10: Hate/Love

Day 10 – What do you hate and love about the subculture?

I hate intolerance. I just don´t understand how can somebody just hurt someone other just because he looks different. I just don´t understand it, and I never won´t.
I hate it when someone can´t differ between goth and emo (or even goth and scene...)...
I hate that goth is mostly misunderstood in the public, and that many people think, that goths are depressive, satanistic and hate everything and everyone including themselves.
And I hate the poseurs.

I love the music...most of the goth and related genres.
And of course I love the fashion and simply all the aesthetic.
I love the inspiration that goth gives me and I love the kind of "dark" romance that is breathing from it.
And...I just love everything about it. :D

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