Long long ago...

It really seem so long ago, that I was writing something here.
The last post wasn´t very optimistic, but I have to say...I somehow managed to make it.
I too don´t relly understand how could it happen. I was ready to repeat the first year (again), by friend lent me even the money.
It was just a coincidence (ok, I don´t really believe in that...I think, I was more like a fate, or something...I just don´t think that coincidence exists :D ).
I was filling the application in my friends house, and somehow the discussion came around credits. I was curious, where can I check how many I have (I was always counting them), so she told me...and...
There was written: 41!
I needed 40 to get in the next semester, but I never did find more than 38.
So...I could give back the money and return to normal life without stress (gosh I was about collapsing...I´m really lucky, that I have such great friends...Without them, I don´t know what would I do. So..thank you very very very much :) :)

I have to confess: I almost forgot that I have this blog (maybe because all that stress), but thanks to The Green Fairy and her comment, I´m here again, and this time I´m going to add more than just photos :D

To be host, maybe it wasn´t just because of stress. Actually, I wasn´t really blogging on my slovak blog either. I made me a new blog, just for my manga drawings and for the manga I´m currently working on, and I spent the most of time there.
I draw many new pictures and I think I´m getting better and better. if you want to see, you can check out my DA account here.

But from all my new works, I like this the best, even if it´s not a part of the story:

I have have plenty of new photos, but I think, I like this the most (from Martin Hronsky...a hobby photographer and now even a friend. :D)


  1. Haha that's lucky!

    I'm happy for you btw, I know the stress involved with school all too well >.< I didn't have to repeat but the stress made me quit halfway through 2nd year :(

    But I'm going back in feb of next year!

    p.s. I like when people post pics, so don't stop!

  2. @The Green Fairy: Yeah..school is full of stress. I really don´t like adults saying, that as a student you have a sweet life...:D

    So you are making a break now? A little rest is always good :D

    And don´t worry..I won´t. Pictures and photos are the majority of what I post even on my other blog in my mother language :D