Back to black

I was with my friend Gabi yesterday. As we were talking, I just remembered that time when I removed my black clothes for a week. It was because of a bet with other friend.
Five days.
Five horrible days...
I read somewhere, that goths dress that way, because they just want attention. I don´t agree. I think that most goths dress like that just because they like it. That´s what theis taste is. I definitelly don´t want attention (all the time :D), I just don´t feel comportable in "normal clothes", because I sipmly don´t like them. And I don´t like it, when everybody has the same t-shirt , trousers or skirt, as me. It sucks.
I got many compliments from schoolmates and family members...they really believed, that I will stay like that, that I will start to like it...Somehow funny.
When the colorful week was over I was so glad...I jumped in my favourite all-black outfit. I was finally my-self again. :D

Ok, it´s not that I wear JUST black. I like red, gray, white, violet, dark-blue od military green, too...but black is definitely my favourite.

The only outfit I liked that week was a home-made "school uniform". I just like uniforms, especially trom japan schools.

But black it just black

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