Since I was a little kid I always wanted a pet. I had a hamster, but...they just don´t live very long.
When I was 12, by neighbour friend brought home a little dog. So sweet, a little white shag. So my mother finally permited me to have a dog.
I wanted a black one (there were three puppies, and one was all black...), but sadly he died, so I became the last white one.
I named him Denny.
I wonder how old will he be. It´s nine years now. I know, that dogs live so around 10-15 years, and always when I think about it, my eyes get wet.
Ok, sometimes I scream at him (I´m stressed...there´s no help...the university sucks), but I can´t imagine what am I doing to do, when he dies. :(

Ok, I have to stop this pessimistic thinking. He´s still alive right now :)

Here are some photos.

There are lots of funny moments with him :D
And some funny photos too:
Zombie dog :D

You can find all of his photos HERE

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  1. Oh my! these pics are sooo cute!!! :)

    I know what you mean. Our dog is 9 years old, too.