Saying goodbye and psychiatry...

Ok, I´m not leaving to psychiatry :D

It was a great day, even, when one of my friends decided to end her studies here in Košice and go back to Bratislava. But we had a nice time together yesterday, and she will come to visit in Juni.

Somehow I wish I would have money and could go to Bratislava :D For a visit of course...I have there many friends that I would like to meet someday. :)
And of course, there are some goth events :D

Yesterday I also saw some videos (there was an exposition in our city) about psychiatry. Somehow disturbing, but even when I don´t believed all what was said (I never believe 100% what media says), it was very interesting. It was nothing that really shocked or surprised me. I never believed in psychiatry (they would like to get me too...come on, SPD? I don´t think there´s something wrong being a loner with my own world and not showing much interest in developing close relationships...And depression? I survived...without some medical drugs).
If you want to see it too, search for Psychiatry: An Industry of Death (there are online videos on youtube, and some downloading options on other sites) and build your own opinion.

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  1. Dear Blogger,

    I appreciate your effort for creating this blog. This blog will help some way, for some, one day. Keep doing the work for the peace and harmony of our universe. Our life is very short to do everything we want to do. So only do things that others like. Do not give pain to anybody.

    Anyway, thanks a lot. God Bless you!!!