Goths in Slovakia

Slovakia is the country where I live. Many people don´t even know about this little country, and many people mistake it for Slovenia.
This year the Ice Hockey Championship were here, so hopefully, people will know about our existence :D

But I don´t want to talk about hockey, but about goth subculture here.
I would say, that the only goth scene is in our capital city- Bratislava. There are regularly Batcave Parties, and some other events too.
There have there even some goth and alternative shops. And of course, there are more goths.
But unfortunately I´m not that lucky, and I live at the other end of Slovakia - Košice (Cassovia in latin...I like this word :D).
We may be the second biggest town, but we still are nothing compared to Bratislava.
And a goth scene here? Not really.
We don´t have clubs, we don´t really have events or concerts, we don´t have shops...and to be honest...I saw here just maybe two goths...and one of them is me. :D
Ok, there were some industrial concerts (or something like that) - Skinny Puppy, Laibach or The Young Gods, but that´s not really my favourite music genre.
I remember, that last year our slovak band The Last Days of Jesus had to play in Košice, but the concert was canceled. And I was looking forward so much...
Somehow it sucks. I´m just a student, without job and I don´t have enough money to travel to events.

Maybe the slovakia goth scene is small, but still we have some great goth and goth-friendly bands:
- The Last Days of Jesus
- Hysteric Helen
- Ľahká múza
- Street Spirit

In summer 2008 started I a Slovak Goth Community Forum and was surprised how many members registred.
I think, it was a very good idea. :)


  1. I had no idea that Hysteric Helen and The Last Days of Jesus were from Slovakia!

  2. Amy: Yes they are..and I´m so proud we have such a great bands :D