Who said goth girls can´t wear pants?

Few weeks ago I found a comment on my photo.
One girl wrote, that there´s no way I could be a goth, because I don´t wear long skirts and corsets. And I even have short hair.
That goth girl don´t wear pants, and that I´m most likely just an emo.

Oh my goth!
I just had to laugh.
Interesting to know, that after about five years in the scene I´m not a goth, just a poser or emo, because I wear pants and have short hair. And I stupid always thought, that the music was importat. Lol. :D

Really...who is she, telling ME how a goth must dress?

Some people are just funny. :D


  1. i think your very pretty and i for one am most sure you are goth that girl don't know shit i bet
    she's just one of those fucking preppy losers telling people what to wear and shit any way i believe you and your outfit is like so fucking cool wish i new a good store i usaly make my own close

  2. Chloë, i can say that you are an amazing-looking goth girl...and i like to think that i know a few things about gothic girls.. i like your style..and i love your milky-white skin! :X
    And, yes, you're right..doesnt matter what you wear, it matters what you feel deep inside you... i was just wandering... a gothic girl, when strips down naked, isnt a goth girl anymore, just because she took of her gothic outfit? as you said "Some people are just funny. :D"
    Long live gothic!