The Goth Challenge! Day 2 - BabyBat time

So, here´s the second day of The Goth Challenge by Juliet´s Lace:
"Share photos and experiences from your Baby Bat days."

I remember, that at second year at the school (so at age of 16) I finally started to wear more what I liked (not all, but I could at least go out in black :D I was so happy :D ).
At first just black pants or jeans  with chains (I had my keys on the chain, so it was even practical, because I always forgot them somewhere :D ) and black T-shirts. Most of my classmates thought that I doing it because of my punk friend in the class (they spreaded gossips that we are a couple and so...we were not...just friends...but he was kind of cute :D ).
I remember going through the "darkest" phase (before babybat I would say :D )with my friend...we sit in her room and where looking for dark pictures...and listening to music...that time it was mostly Snovonne and Qntal...and metal :D
Some of my classmates asked me, if I am a witch or a satanist (I brought a book to the school that I wanted to read to the end before I go after school to library...it was called Witches, Brides of Satan..or something like that, so they didn´t really believed me, when I said no :D ).
Many called me emo (I smiled when it came from friends, because I knew, it´s just for fun...but I don´t like being called emo by other people, who even call emo a person in long skirt, bat choker, and a corset-like top...).
Sometimes some boys shouted on me (mostly thinkgs like " death metaaaaaaaal", or punk, or emo...)
There was a boy in our school that really feared me. He was a friend of one of my classmates and friends, so she told him, that I really am a nice person (I wished that times, that she would do better, if she didn´t told him...really..he was such an ass...and so rude... :D).
I had of course people staring at me on the street. I was really nervous and unsure at the begining. And so paranoid...I always thought, that whoever laught, he laught over me. Hard times :D :D
But I hadn´t really bad experiences, I didn´t have problems with friends (most of my friends like my style and I always hear some compliments from them ), and I even didn´t have problems in school (I mean...with my image...:D ), so I should consider myself as lucky :D
Most of my babybat phase, I searched for my style... And took photos... :D

Me..with brown hair at the ZOO. I was climbing on the tiger´s cage :D
:D I´m so eeeeviiiiil :D  Lol :D
I´m so daaaark...gosh...what was I thinking that time? :D 
Yeah..fake black "lipstick". lol :D
The cemetery photos :D And a long skirt with fake converse :D    
Samara :D :D
I really liked this one :D That time, this was my best photo :D
Me with my two "daughters". RPG time was so much fun. I miss it :) 
Me at school :D I think...this was maybe a thirs year or so.

I sadly don´t really have other photos than "selfportraits" from my early phase. Even the school photos...I was always hiding in the back :D
I had some photos from trip in Geravy, but I can´t find the CD...

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  1. Nice. You looked pretty well put together, I think.