The Goth Challenge! Day 3 - Goming out from the Goth Closet?

When did you come out the Goth closet?

I started to dress in black at age around 16. I was slowly daring to add more and more.
But things like black "lipstick", spiderwebs or tear drops around eyes were just for the photos (I wouldn´t dare...even now..I think, that something like that should be used for events or photos...especially, when you can´t draw it nice :D ).
I really tried to keep it down at the beginning, because I was somehow unsure, how would my friends and classmates react (I was an outsider who finally found some friends, I didn´t want to loose them so soon. But...they showed themselves as real friends, and even made me compliments :D ).
At first I didn´t really considered myself goth, and when somone asked: "Are you a goth?" I said: " Ehm...something like that." :D

My mother thought at first that I was emo,  and didn´t listen to my: "I´m not an emo!", but I never told her, that I´m a goth (somehow she believes in everything what´s on internet...so...)
She understood that I´m a goth thanks to Abby from NCIS :D (" Oh, so you´re something like her :D ") just maybe a year ago :D
She´s still not very fond of my style, commenting some of my outfits like: "from a circus" and so, and I know that she hopes I will grow up from it :D
But now she´s the one who buys me black eye shadows and black nail polish, or even some clothes (but mostly I buy my clothes myself). And she was the one who sew me my dress for the baal at the last year at school (don´t know how it´s called in english, but I hope you know what I mean :D ).
We are a strange family, so she got used to it :D
Ehm..they were not so creased, and I had another hairstyle and sadly I didn´t have the gloves...
Some months ago, she was angry, how can I go to school dressed like that (I had just black skirt, black nylons. T-shirt and accesories like studded belt and wristlet, and some other wristlets and so...It was one of my most basic outfits, without fishnet, without gloves, even withoud studded collar. So i don´t know what got in her...Maybe she was just angry, because she was wrong and I don´t look like I was growing out from this "phase".
But she´s ok, again.

My granny was saying things like: "I heard, that people who wear all black have a black soul" or asking if I´m a part of some sect at the begining. And sometimes asking, why I can´t dress like anyone else (gosh..why should I when I don´t have to? :D ).
But I´m still her favourite grandchild :D

Hmmm...no one (whom I like ) had really a problem with me becoming goth as I think about it.
And I was not a gray mouse anymore.

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