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So, welcome to Košice ( or Cassovia in Latin). It´s a small city in a small country - Slovakia. 
I love it here and hate it at the same time. 
Košice are nice. We really have some very nice places here. But slowly the green land is disapearing and covered in beton. 
And our worst problem are gypsies. I´m not getting racistic here, because I know some gypsies, that are great friends and so..But our Lunik IX is a just a big dump and there are more and more gypsies everywhere. And it´s right to be scared: they smell, they are loud, and they attack and rob people even on a bright day. And nobody is doing something with it, because everyone is scared being called a racist. But something needs to be done! It´s just horrible. And look what they done to the most beautiful habitation in Košice [link] [link] [link] [link]
What I hate the most is the fact, that they have everything. When they destroyed their houses, they became new. When we destroy something, we have to pay. 
When someone attacks a gypsy...it´s racistic...when gypsy attacks someone...nothing happens...
there was a one case that stayd in my mind...Couple of gypsy kids attacked an old lady. When the policeman came and wanted to hold one of them, they kicked him as well. And he slaped one of the kids. And that´s why he is a racist and got big problems? And what about the kids attacking him and an old lady? Is that nothing?

But...I don´t want to get mad here..so here are some of the nice things in our little city.
(and you will see..I have a lantern fetish :D )

Jacobs Palace

I was in Wien two times with school. It´s such a beautiful city. i want to go there again :)

I want to live here :D So amazing :D


  1. wow what beautiful photographs - looks like it is a really inspiring place to live, I enjoyed looking through these photographs, though it is a shame they are not a little bigger on the screen <3

  2. OH GOSH these pictures are amazing! What a place! Looks unreal...like something from out of a gothic movie...

  3. The city is so gorgeous! Its terrible that bad things are happening in such a beautiful place...

  4. Your photos are wonderful. I especially love the architecture of so many of your buildings. I am sorry to know that so many don't appreciate the beauty that surrounds them in your city.

  5. I thank you all :) I´m glad to hear/read that you like them.