Photos: Animalia - Insects and other little ones

I like insects..on photos. I´m not from those, who would start screaming and yelling when the see a fly or spider, but I don´t like them around me and in my home. I like taking photos of them, but it they come too close (especially the spiders) I will become a murderer :D
Insects I´m scared the most from are wasps and hornets and everything from the Vespinae subfamily.

It was such a shock. I wanted to move thar rose a little bit and there was..THAT thing...i almost yelled :D
Bug porn :D :D
A beautiful butterfly on an empty cemetery. It made me smile :)
Gosh...he was so big...and my hands were shaking, that I almost let my camera fall :D

Spider Web
I´m scared of spiders, when they come too close, but somehow I love spiderwebs.
But actually, it´s pretty hard to make a photo of them. My camera sometime just won´t and won´t focus. I once took 20 photos and all of them were blurry. And it was such a beautiful spiderweb :(

This is one of my best pictures, I think. :)

Snail Houses
I used to have a collection of snail houses, but after I found some insects there I throw them all out...and decided to make another collection - snail house photos :D

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