Photos: Cemetery

Yeah...it´s a stereotype...But still. I love cemeteries.
It´s mostly quiet and calm.
I used to go to forests when I needen a while just for myself, but nowdays, it just isn´t safe. There are lot of homeless, gypsies and junkies even in bright day.
The cemetery is more safe, but I don´t I would dare go there in night...I don´t fear ghosts (even when I believe in them), I fear people more...

I like the jewish cemeteries the best. There are simple, but they have a great atmospehere...our public cemetery is full of kitscher plastic flowers and it looks so...trashy...
I don´t really feel the heart in it. The nicest "decoration" that I have ever seen on a grave was a heart made from chestnuts with a single candle in the middle. You could feel, that this was made from a deep of heart.
(sadly, my camera had dead battery, when I found it...)

This was the fence between our public cemetery and the jewish one. I like this photo a lot.

Lanterns..I love them. I have so many photos of them :D And at cemeteries are the most beautiful :)

Like a small castle. :D


  1. These are awesome photos! I love cemeteries and you do an excellent job of capturing the essence of your surroundings Chloë. It makes me wish that I could visit your area, it has a very rustic feel to it. Thank you for sharing.