Goth style=Expensive?!

I have grow tired of hearing (or reading :D) things like:
" I would like to be goth but it´s too expensive."

First of all, goth is not just about fashion. It´s sad, that many people think so, and think, that because they have enough money and can buy a brand goth clothing, they are "oh soooo goth and spooky. "
(and I don´t like people who think, that to look goth they just need to wear everything black...).

I don´t come from a rich family, my mother tries to spare money where she can.
I never had brand clothing from expensive shops, and I don´t even like to go to shops like that.
All my clothes are from second hand shops or Vietnam shops.
And still I think, that my look can compete to looks of those, who can spend their money for brand clothes.

To be honest, for me, goth is someone, who can be creative. Shopping just in goth shops is...how to say it...hmm...not very original, I think.
As my friend once said: I was on a party...and about five girls had the same skirt, and some had the same shirt..."
I don´t like people wearing the same as me.

There are two grat ways of creating a great outfit that won´t be expensive.
- Charity shops are a blessing. When you´re lucky, you can find amazing pieces, that others don´t have. or even brand clothes (I foud a Tripp skirt for just 3 €). And that very cheap od course.
The negative site is, that the have mostly just one piece from everything, and when it´s just too small, it can´t be helped (i have this problem with chinese clothes...I love that style, but I always find just things, that are too small..it sometimes pisses me off :D ).

- DIY - Do it yourself is a good way to make you an original and cheap outfit. When you´re skilled enough (or have someone, who can good sew), you can sew your own clothes.
When you´re not that skilled, you can always go and decorate some second-hand clothes - even a small edit can make your clothing look  different.

So, for example, some of my decorated clothes:

My favourite shirt. I just sewed some stripes with..ehm.. (gosh...how are those shiny little round thing called? :D)

My first decorated shirt. I added a chain and a cross. 

It was an old watch strap. I added spikes and chain. 

Bleach can be a great helper too :D

And this was a boring roll-coller, but my mother added a fishnet sleeves.

And now, some of my second hand treasures:


To say the truth..i love thinking about new outfits, and I love going to charity shops, looking for some new great pieces.
Funny, because on elementary school I didn´t give a damn about how I look (I was sometimes even wearing my brothers clothes :D ).
Even when fashion isn´t for me on on the firts place in gothic, I still can´t imagine myself without "gothing up" I feel like myself..at last :)


  1. You are so amazing at DIY!! I'm jealous :P

  2. @ Clare: You really think so? I´m glad you like it. And thank you :)

  3. I love this post (and your clothes of course)! Unfortunately in the second hands in my city it is very very rare to find goth-able items :/