Photos: Nature Part 1

I love taking photos, even with my old 5,0 Mpx kompact camera buddy :)
Maybe I´m not that good, but who cares? It´s my hobby, I can relax and I have my memories in a picture. And it makes me happy, and that´s enough for me.

The first theme is Nature.
I like taking photos of flowers the most. I love flowers, they are so beautiful and full of colors (I love colors, even when I mostly go out in black, sometimes combined with red :D I love seeing colors, not wearing them :D ).
So, here are some that I think are the best.
You can find all of my photos here)

(From newest to oldest)

I would say...This is my favourite photo. I just love how it came out.

I thought my hands would fall off..it took me so long taking this photo :D
I love this photo, maybe because the fog is covering the whole city :D
To me it somehow looks like from a fairy tale :D


  1. Amazing photos! The one you like best IS very....I don't know the word...Looks almost like a screenshot for a movie, like the one with the lampposts. Wooooow...Just a hobby, huh...?

  2. I absolutely adore the black and whites. <3