Hard to believe that four years are gone, from that incident. 
In Slovakia, this wasn´t even mentioned...

I think, this is something, that many of goths will never forget. 

I don´t like people, who can do nothing, just judge people by their appereance. And I hate people, who are able to hurt other person, just because something like that. 

Rest in Piece Sophie. 

I hope, that something that horrible is never, NEVER going to happen again.

I was thinking...
It´s called beastly or bestial, when you do something bad, but tell me...why? Animals don´t hurt other animals without a reason (just for food or protecting territory, cubs...). 
Just people do. The whole human history is filled with killing. People are the most brutal animals...and they even think, they are something better, because they can think...
Yeah...people have better brain, but most of them don´t know how to use it.

So why is human a synonym for caring? And bestial a synonym for brutal?

Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere

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  1. I wonder the same thing about humanity often. I've worn a S.O.P.H.I.E bracelet ever since I heard of the tragedy a few years ago. It reminds me of both the good and bad of human nature.