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I have some troube with translating articles that I wanted to add here...Sorry, but..english sucks :D I like listening to people speaking (or singing) in english (the british english is amazing...), and I even like to read in english (I read manga only in english..the slovak or czech translations are mostly..miserable :D ), but I hate it, when I have to speak or write in english, even through I was one of the best in my class (and I was THE best in german :D ). 
But...learning language in the school is something...not very useful. When I first had to talk to a complete stranger, who didn´t speak slovak, I realized, that I almost know nothing...I understood him, but didn´t know to answer, or to say what I wanted (somehow troublesome, because he was a photographer and we were heading to a photoshooting :D ).

But that´s not what I wanted.. :D 
Here are some songs, that I listen to, these days...Not all of them are goth :p

I absolutely LOVE this melody...and some other from Tamusic too...

Kanon Wakeshima is one of my favourite Japanese artists...
the other is Kalafina:

And one video from anime Nodame Cantabile...I don´t really like the story, but I love the music...Classical music is really beautifull.

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