The Goth Challenge! Day 4 - Clichés and Stereotypes?

Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to.

Clichés and Stereotypes?
I don´t thinks there´s something wrong with them, if you really like them (and not doing them just because they´re "soooo goth")

* Cemeteries...I love them. It´s a nice quiet place, where the only who´s going to disturb you is an old lady or a ghost. I used to go to our Rozalia cemetery, when I wanted to be alone.

* Vampires...I don´t think, that I´m one (but i wouldn´t mind to be :D But then..how the hell whould I aply make-up and take photos? :D ), but I love books, movies and mangas about vampires (but I don´t like Twilight....sparkling vampires are not really what I consider A vampire)

* No sports...I always used to make up excuses so I didn´t have to participate on P.E. lessons. And I didn´t even have to in the last two years of high school, because I had an excuse from doctor :D
I actually like to move, but just alone. I don´t like group sports and I hate to exercise when I´m not in a right mood.  :D

* "Dark" poetry and stories...I love reading, especially Poe, Baudelaire, Hawthorne, Lovecraft and so...And I too used to write some poems...usually when I was in a bad mood, so they are really depressing...and most of my short stories too. I wrote maybe just 3 with a happy ending :D

* Black...I love black. I mostly dress in black and I think, that it looks good on me. 
I used to wear only black at the begining but now I sometimes combine with other colors, mostly with red or gray.
I wanted to have black walls (and I was jealous of my cousin...she had black walls in her room :D ), but we have just a little space there and black or another color would make the whole room opticaly even smaller .

* Skulls...Maybe bit kitschy, but I like skulls.
I latelly bought two pairs of knee-socks with skulls, I have a winged skull pendant, and two little sculptures of skulls, one with a snake  crawling out of it´s eye hole. They are only from gypsum, but I like them.

* Bats...I love them. I want to have a bat pet :D I used to go outside and watch them. I have a collar with a bat pendant and a plush bat named Zero (yeah, I´m a Vampire Knight fan :D ) [link] (I found him in a charity shop. I just added him a collar :D )

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  1. I agree. Cliches are fun and fine when it's not like you like them "just because". Ahh. Another lover of all black! I want black walls, too...