Outfit post

I wasn´t going out too much, this summer (I don´t like hot weather...and sun...), so I don´t have many new outfits :D
You can see the most outfit photos here.

And so, here are two more.

This is from yesterday. I love fishnet and ripped stocking :D
And i love charity shops ( almost all is from a charity shop...:D )

And this one is from saturday:

And i finally have a spiked collar. I always wanted one, but the one, that brother bought me, was too big and brown...
So Thursday I found a thin belt and changed the rivets with spikes :D 
And I will have even one more collar, with round rivets.

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  1. Awesome photos! I had a spiked wrist thingy but I think I lost it :-/ And I need to look into getting a belt, too. I had two studded belts, and both broke after being worn so much!