What to say...

Somehow...I don´t feel well today. My arms and back hurts (carring heavy things yesterday and not sleeping well in night), but I somehow feel sad, too.
It started yesterday, when one of my fellow blog friends was called "worse case than a poseur",  under her article with some advices for babybats.
He wrote something like:
" What sence it has moralising people like kids in kinder garden? When people who really live with this subculture would just catch their heads" and that she just go and like a REAL life.
I don´t think that there´s anything bad with blogging about goth and giving some advice. I´m doing it too...
Yeah...I don´t go to goth events, I never saw any of my favourite bands live, and I hardly personaly know other goths. Does that make me less goth? Not that I didn´t want to. I just don´t have the opportunity and the money for that now.
That I can´t speak about atmosphere of some song, because I never heard it live? Why? For me, even through it´s a crappy quality mp3, I still can feel some atmoshpere...
That I can´t speak about how goths are great people, when I don´t know anyone personaly?
Yeah, I know that some people on internet can be in reality different. But I know many people, whose I met after writing with them, and there weren´t different. Why should it by goths be different?

I just...
Ok, it´s their opinion. Nevermind. But I hate it, when someone is picking on my friends.


  1. It seems like everyone is having a bad day lately :-/

    I can relate. I don't know that many Goths in real life, nor have I been to any Goth events or festivals. Don't really have the money or time for clubbing. And so forth ..